How To Send Welcome Message To New Followers On Instagram

Instagram has become one of the most popular social media platforms, with millions of users worldwide. As businesses and individuals seek to grow their presence on Instagram, engaging with new followers becomes crucial. One effective way to welcome and connect with new followers is by sending them a personalized welcome message. In this article, we’ll explore the importance of sending welcome messages and provide a step-by-step guide on how to set up automated welcome messages on Instagram.

As Instagram continues to grow, standing out from the crowd and building meaningful connections with followers is essential for success. A warm and personalized welcome message can leave a positive first impression, fostering a sense of belonging and encouraging further interaction with your account.

Why Sending a Welcome Message Matters

Sending a welcome message shows that you value your followers and appreciate their decision to follow your account. It creates a friendly atmosphere and sets the tone for future interactions. Moreover, it gives you an opportunity to introduce your brand, products, or services to new followers, potentially turning them into loyal customers or dedicated supporters.

How to Set Up Auto-Welcome Messages on Instagram

How to Set Up Auto-Welcome Messages on Instagram

Step 1: Access Your Instagram Account Settings

To enable the auto-welcome message feature, open the Instagram app and navigate to your profile. Tap the three horizontal lines at the top right corner, go to “Settings,” and then click on “Privacy.”

Step 2: Navigate to “Privacy” and “Messages”
In the “Privacy” section, select “Messages.” Here, you’ll find options related to message controls and message requests.

Step 3: Set Up Automated Responses
Scroll down to find the “Quick Replies” option. This feature allows you to create pre-written responses for frequently asked questions or common greetings.

Step 4: Customize Your Welcome Message
Click on “Add Quick Reply” and create your personalized welcome message. Ensure that it’s warm, engaging, and relevant to your brand or content.

Step 5: Test the Auto-Welcome Feature
Before activating the feature, send a test message to yourself or a colleague to ensure it appears as you intended. This way, you can make any necessary adjustments before reaching out to new followers.

Crafting an Engaging Welcome Message

An effective welcome message should be warm, personable, and inviting. Consider the following tips to make your message more engaging:

Be Warm and Friendly
Start your message with a warm greeting, such as “Hi” or “Hello.” A friendly tone sets a positive tone for the conversation.

Use Their Name
Whenever possible, address the new follower by their name. This small touch adds a personal element to the message.

Provide Value
Offer something valuable to the recipient, such as a discount, exclusive content, or a sneak peek into upcoming projects.

Encourage Engagement
Encourage your new followers to engage with your content, such as liking your posts, leaving comments, or participating in polls and contests.

Avoiding Common Mistakes

To ensure your welcome messages are well-received, avoid the following mistakes:

Don’t Make It Sound Generic
Avoid using generic phrases or clichés that could make your welcome message seem impersonal.

Avoid Overpromoting
While it’s essential to showcase your brand, refrain from overwhelming your new followers with excessive self-promotion.

Check for Typos and Errors
A poorly written message filled with typos can create a negative impression, so double-check for mistakes before sending.

Personalizing Welcome Messages for Different Audiences

Consider tailoring your welcome messages based on different audience segments. For instance, if you have multiple products or services, craft unique messages for followers interested in each category.

Measuring the Impact of Welcome Messages

Keep track of your welcome messages’ impact by monitoring engagement levels, conversion rates, and feedback from your followers. Adjust your messages as needed to optimize their effectiveness.

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Sending a welcome message to new followers on Instagram is a simple yet powerful way to establish a connection and initiate meaningful interactions. By crafting warm, personalized messages and leveraging Instagram’s automated response features, you can make a positive impact on your audience and drive greater engagement with your content.


  • What if I have a large number of followers?

If you have a significant number of followers, consider using automation tools to manage and send welcome messages efficiently. These tools can help you maintain personalization even with a large audience.

  • Can I schedule welcome messages for specific times?

As of now, Instagram’s native features don’t offer scheduling for welcome messages. However, third-party social media management tools may provide this capability.

  • How can I avoid my welcome messages being marked as spam?

To avoid being marked as spam, ensure your messages are personalized and relevant, and don’t include suspicious links. Moreover, avoid sending too many messages in a short period.

  • Is it better to use emojis in welcome messages?

Emojis can add a friendly and expressive touch to your welcome messages, but use them sparingly and contextually.

  • Can I send welcome messages in multiple languages?

Yes, Instagram allows you to create and send welcome messages in different languages to cater to a diverse audience.

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