Advantages of an Online Degree in Educational Psychology

Advantages of an Online Degree in Educational Psychology:-Educational psychology is a very specialized field of study. So that students have to complete their coursework and research as well as an internship.

Many educational psychologists work directly with students and teachers in both public and private schools; some even specialize in areas such as special education, gifted education, counseling, or human development.

But what if you want to work with other professionals, such as teachers and administrators? Although it is possible to work as an educational psychologist without an advanced degree. For many organizations, employees must have at least a master’s degree in educational psychology from a recognized school.

Advantages of an Online Degree in Educational Psychology

Advantages of an Online Degree in Educational Psychology

Standardized Testing

The biggest advantage to online educational psychology programs is that you can take courses when it’s convenient for you. Courses are usually offered on weekday evenings and on weekends. However, if it is more convenient, you can also take your courses for a period of three years.


Many students prefer to complete their degrees entirely online. While others prefer to spend part of their curriculum in a brick-and-mortar school while finishing all or some classes online. This flexibility gives you control over how quickly you earn your degree.

You might even be able to use free online resources such as Khan Academy to supplement your learning, which will save you money on tuition costs.

The standardization of tests has led many people who want to become certified in industrial-organizational psychology to pursue online degrees from accredited universities instead of earning degrees from traditional schools with a campus presence.

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Grade Inflation

Today’s college students are receiving higher grades on average than they were a decade ago. In 1970, 46% of high school graduates had taken four years of English and 25% had taken calculus. By 2000, nearly 75% took English and 40% took calculus.

While that’s all well and good, not all learning is equal. The problem with grade inflation is that it can distort what we know about student achievement. Students who received A’s in math and science may have actually been less prepared for those subjects than their peers who received B’s or C’s.

Grade inflation also makes it harder to tell whether a student will be successful at another institution or even at his or her current one.

Online Degrees Give You Options

Many online programs will offer you more flexibility and lower costs than a traditional degree program. When you’re choosing from among many different education psychology programs, look for one that’s accredited by The National Association of School Psychologists (NASP).

Also, make sure you can complete your coursework within two years or fewer. This helps ensure your online degree in educational psychology is accepted by employers after graduation. It also gives you a deadline to meet when working toward completing your coursework.

This might be an option if you are unable to attend class due to health reasons, time constraints, or relocation. Online degrees provide students with accessibility to instructors and course materials at any time during their learning experience.

They also eliminate many commuting expenses associated with attending classes on campus each day, as well as travel expenses if attending out-of-state schools.

Advantages of an Online Degree in Educational Psychology

Advantages of an Online Degree in Educational Psychology


Lower Student Loans

By pursuing your master’s online, you can save on tuition costs. The average annual tuition for on-campus programs is over $10,000 higher than their online counterparts. And if you decide to pursue a doctoral degree, there’s no telling how much loan debt you could be responsible for.

(Don’t know what I’m talking about? Check out The Student Loan Debt Crisis: A Complete Guide to Understanding and Managing Your Loans.) An online program will also allow you to work while earning your degree, which means that those loans won’t be a financial burden as long as you stay organized.


If working while earning your degree isn’t feasible due to time constraints or other factors, consider taking classes at night or on weekends so that school doesn’t take up all of your time. This will help make sure that working full-time won’t hinder your progress toward finishing school.

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The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that employment for industrial-organizational psychologists will grow by 14% from 2018-to 28. The BLS reports that applicants with a master’s degree and training in quantitative research methods hold a competitive edge when applying for open positions.

Candidates can further boost their job prospects by pursuing an online educational psychology program, which allows them to earn their degree at their own pace while maintaining full-time employment.

Online educational psychology programs typically require 36 credits to complete, including core courses such as statistics, developmental psychology, research design and methodology, and abnormal psychology.

Students also take elective courses such as personality assessment or behavioral interventions. Many online colleges offer flexible scheduling options that enable students to work around full-time jobs or other obligations.

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